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Crowdfunding Solidarity Project:

Building a HOME in TANZANIA

The Project

The Jorejick family, located near Karatu, Tanzania, NEED YOUR HELP. With your participation, we will provide them a home. It is a large family with more than 15 members. We would like to introduce them to you:


Left to right: Paulo, Grandma María, Father Bura, Mother María, Cecilia, John, Nico, Enmaculata, Sansu, Prisca, Gertruder, Albert, Raphael

Paulo is the oldest of 10 children and is currently 34 years old. His parents, Maria and Bura, are 54 and 56 years old, and support a family that does not stop growing. They are dedicated to daily tasks, cultivation of fields, care of livestock and maintenance of adobe houses. Their wish is that their children can study at school, since in Tanzania education is not free. All the stress they go through is reflected in chronic diseases such as stomach ulcers that Maria suffers.

Cecilia (31 years old) already has 3 children: Melania, Virguita and Brian. She is a teacher in a distant town and cannot take care of the 3 kids by herself, so they live in Getamock with their grandparents (Maria and Bura).

John is 30 years old, and he’s a professor in Dar es Salaam, the financial capital of Tanzania. Although he lives far away, he often goes to visit the family. He has a daughter named Doreen.

Nico (27), the fourth brother, didn’t go to school, but he makes a living with multitude of activities in the town. During summer, he also helps in the archaeological excavations nearby. He’s currently building a small brick in the plot to move with Paulina, his wife.

Enmaculata is 25 years old and she lives in Arusha with her husband. They have a son, Briston that lives with his grandparents. She sells fruits and vegetables in the town.

Sanslaus (22) is the only one in the family who has completed secondary education. He speaks English fluently and wants to continue studying to fulfill his dreams.

Prisca, 18, is finishing high school. She is still living in Getamock with her family and helps her parents as much as she can, taking care of the whole family and her baby Sonia. She hopes to continue studying in the near future.

Alberto and Gertruder are twins. They are 15 years old and have just started high school. They are very active, happy and responsible children. They help the family with livestock and crops.

Rafael (11) is the youngest brother. He his studying primary school. Despite his young age he is incredibly mature and responsible, taking care of many tasks at home. He is a vegetarian because he does not like the taste of meat.

María, the grandmother, is such an important person in this family. Although her exact age is not known, the family estimates that she must be around 100 years old. She was the second wife out of four, from a polygamous marriage. She had to marry twice because his father wanted to receive a bigger dowry. She has had a very tough life, with much suffering and, dispite her diabetes, today her tattooed face reflects wisdom and serenity.


We (Paulo and Sonia) have created Un Hogar en Tanzania, a crowdfuning project launched to raise 20.000€ for the house construction. Archstorming helped us organizing a competition that brought together architects from around the world to come up with innovative ideas. After many participants and a lot of effort from everyone, the winning project was presented, the work of two young Italian architects Marianna Castellari and Giovanni Checchia. In the "Concurso" section you can see her architectural proposal.


We are very happy to finally have a clear and precise idea of ​​what the house will be like. We can organize everything much more in detail, but we are missing something very important:




Only with your collaboration will you help Paulo and his whole family have a roof under which to live, in a clean and healthy space where they can develop their lives.


We ask you please to contribute the amount that you can. Below you will find the simple ways to do it. Any small amount helps us. It is also important that you spread it among your friends and family, tell them about our family.


Thank you so much for everything. Together we will get it.

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