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Ganadores del concurso de arquitectura

Architecture contest Winners 

Su propuesta arquitectónica
 Marianna Castellari and Giovanni Checchia
Organiza Archstorming

Archstorming has organized an architecture competition and from here we want to thank them for all the dedication, effort and love they have put into the Jorejick family and the project. You can enter his website to see his career and the other finalists of our Architecture Competition.

Archstorming ha organizado un concurso de arquitectura y desde aquí les queremos agradecer toda la dedicación, el esfuerzo y el amor que han volcado en la familia Jorejick y el proyecto. Podéis entrar en su web para ver su trayectoria y los demás finalistas de nuestro Concurso de arquitectura. 

Os presentamos el proyecto ganador

We present you the winning project

Marianna Castellari y Giovanni Checchia

The project aims at designing a suitable living space for the Jorejick Family, using local materials, implementing the construction process with self-construction techniques and integrating the beauty of a simple design with solutions for improving the crossing ventilation, thermal control, shading and water collection.

The house is located at the entrance of the plot, leaving a large central space for cattle, neighbors passage, day-activities and the possible future enlargement of Nico’s House.

The house is designed around a courtyard, an open and protected space, that can be shaded thanks to a wood pergola; it becomes an enlargement of the indoor common area in according to weather changing and the movement of the sun, improving ventilation across the house.

The house is designed on a bricks raised podium, that protects the inside floor from rain, dust and animals. The kitchen area, the storage and the water supply tank are facing north and they are contained by thick walls for better preserving food and water. They are provided with roofed outdoor space, as the sheltered outdoor kitchen, to let the family carry household activities around the house.

The house walls facing south are shaded by a structure made by wood and local hand-made carpets, that becomes a geometrical and colorful decoration. The main construction system is made by thick bricks walls; the brick becomes a decorative motif and it gives movement to the façades. The secondary walls are made by wood structure with mud and straw filling, covered with natural mud plaster. They are easy to be built and they help the thermal control. 

The roof is a metal sheet supported by wood structure, in between the wood beams there is a straw layer, as a sound and heat insulation. The roof overhangs is 60-70 cm and it is important for shading and rain protection. The slope of the roof is studied to collect much water as possible. The water tank is connected to a double sink, one inside and one outside, that facilitate the cleaning of kitchen utensils, clothes, and they improve hygiene.

In the outside area around the house there are the Porch for corral and crop storage and some simple wood-colored structures for playing or making exercises. The project wants to improve the toilet system, suggesting the permanent construction of a bio-compost toilet, that controls odors and produces fertilizer.

Giovanni y Marianna, Congratulations and Thank You

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